Current Exhibition


Through January 20, 2018

Community Workshops

We believe that community is built piece by  piece, layer by layer, and side by side on the common canvas that is Eagan.  We strive to offer uniquely conceived, collaborative art workshops that are representative of our community building mission.

Community Abstract Painting

In AWE's first call for art, Jeff Ambroz captured our imagination with his proposal for a collaborative community application of his own creative process.  We offered this workshop for the first time in September of 2016 with our venue partner, Midwest Special Services in Eagan, MN.

Community Tower

Inspired by Jeff Ambroz's application for collaborative abstract art, we created collaborative workshops in a variety of media.  Our goals are to expose artists to unfamiliar media, to create a gateway artistic experience for novice community members, and to challenge featured artists to think about their own creative process within a collaborative context.

Ambroz 2.jpg