Photo Policy and Opt-Out Form

We believe that using photos of our supporters, guests, and volunteers of all ages in our print and web publications fosters a greater sense of community. Photography and video recordings help Art Works Eagan (AWE) to display our community's vibrancy and support for the arts. We use photos to enhance the quality of our print materials, newsletters, website, social media, publicity, and fundraising. We also use photos to further our efforts in education, artist outreach, and donor support. As a participant in AWE events, you have a right to opt out of inclusion in photographs/media, but unless a Media Images Opt-Out Release is signed and on file at the AWE office with a reference image of the person opting out, participation in AWE activities implies permission for the use of images taken at those events.

AWE will never post images with identifying information such as name, email address, address, or family members’ names. No special compensation is provided to any individual included in images taken at AWE events. AWE does not contact individuals to notify them if or when their images is used by AWE.

Individuals who have submitted a completed “Media Images Opt-Out Release” form should endeavor to alert photographers should they see someone in their vicinity taking pictures, so that they are not accidentally captured in crowd shots.

This opt-out form does not apply to photos that might be taken and used by event attendees not officially commissioned by AWE.

Media Opt-out Release form

I do not authorize Art Works Eagan, or its officers, employees, or agents, to use recordings or photographs of myself in whole or part for advertising, media, video, audio, or other marketing purposes of Art Works Eagan. I hereby confirm that I am of legal age (over 18) and have every right to contract in my own name. I further affirm that I have read this 'Media Images Opt-Out Release' form and am familiar with its contents. I will provide a picture of myself to be used as reference to assure my dis-inclusion in any images used by Art Works Eagan. I will notify photographers in my vicinity that I do not wish to be photographed. In signing this Form, I understand that Art Works Eagan will make reasonable efforts to avoid access to, or remove, my image or voice for all purposes identified herein.

Name of Adult (Over 18) *
Name of Adult (Over 18)
Name of Parent/Guardian
Name of Parent/Guardian
(If different from the name listed above)
By submitting this form, I hereby confirm that I am the Parent or Guardian for the children named above. I further affirm I have read the above “Media Images Opt-Out Release,” and am familiar with its contents.